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Sierra Earthworks Foundation

Offerings and Programs

Animals and humans share similar issues of the broken and unbroken spirit and, in many ways, animals mirror the emotional issues humans experience. There are multiple levels of communication which occur in the natural environment. As we build rich relationships with animals, humans and nature, we discover the capacity of our human hearts and experience deep connection to our place on mother earth.

Since 1995, Sierra EarthWorks has offered programs, guides and facilitators that create opportunities to experience rich relationships and true healing among people, animals, and planet.

Representative Programs & Services

Youth Work

  • Earth as Classroom: Leadership and Resiliency for Native American Youth
  • Fostering Resiliency in Vulnerable Youth through Nature

Healthcare and other Professionals

  • Non-Verbal Communication through Mustangs for Professional Mediators
  • Integrative Healing Medicine for Humans and Animals

Horse Whispering

  • Horse Whispering Skills for Adults and Children
  • The Power of Non-Verbal Communication and Field Awareness using Wild Mustangs
  • Magical Reality and Equine Interspecies Bonds
  • Mustang Empowerment: Horses and Humans Connect

Dolphin and Whale Journeys

  • Dolphin Dreams and Whale Tales: Dolphin Swims in Hawaii
  • Goddess Encounters: Exploring Volcanoes on the Big Island, Hawaii
  • The Magic of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Interspecies Healing with Icelandic horses, dolphins and whales.

Native American Wisdom

  • The Narrative Story-telling Tradition: Talking Circles
  • Indigenous Art: Navajo Weavers, Farmers and Silversmiths. A tour of Energy Medicine: EarthWorks approach
  • Energy, Spirit and Nature: Personal and Global Healing, Health, and Peace, Canyon de Chelly and Chinle in Navajo Nation

Equine Clinics

  • Equine Clinic Iceland: Special Needs Children and Icelandic Ponies
  • Equine Clinic Norway: Horse Heart and Healing with Trotters
  • Equine Clinic Italy: Non-Verbal Communication with Arabians
  • Equine Clinic Norway: What is Your Horse Saying: Listening Skills for Children

Populations Served

  • Adults
  • Infants and Children
  • Native American Youth
  • Infants and Children
  • Small and Large Animals
  • Families
  • Groups
  • Universities
  • Private Organizations
  • Governmental and other Agencies
Sierra Earthworks Foundation
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