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Sierra Earthworks Foundation

Ramona Sierra, MSWLCSW

Ramona Sierra is a clinical social worker, healer and animal communicator, founder of Sierra EarthWorks and Sierra Health Associates. She is a Native American from the Arapaho and Pueblo lineage. Since 1981, she has worked in the field of health care, including CranioSacral Therapy and indigenous healing practices from her cultural ancestry. Her recent focus has been on interspecies healing and exploration with animals in natural environments. She has co-founded several organizations, including the Peace Point Project in Norway initiated following 9/11 and begun at the 100th Anniversary of the Nobel Prize Ceremony (where she sat in the presence of 30 Nobel Peace Laureates holding intention for peace.) She has conducted clinics and provided medical consultations in Hawaii, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Slovenia, as well as the United States. She is a frequent presenter at professional conferences and has consulted to a variety of professional and Native American organizations. She also leads journeys to Hawaii and other seas that facilitate interspecies communication among humans, whales and dolphins.

Other Professional Activities


  • The Global Peace Initiative
  • National Indian Education Association
  • Nobel Peace Institute 100th Anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize
  • World Affairs Forum with H.H. Dalai Lama
  • Founders Group, Peace Point Project: Solutions for Peace
  • Founder, Utah Head and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program, with the American Association of Neurosurgeons


  • Consultant, World Touch Corps, Intensive Clinic for Complex Cases of Hydrocephalic Children.
  • Consultant, Intermountain Health Care, Utah, “Energy and Imagery for Pain Control.”
  • Consultant to Office of the Governor, Division of Indian Affairs, Utah.
  • Consultant and Case Management, Rocky Mountain Health Care, sub-acute rehabilitation for brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Consultant, Indian Healthcare Center, for Board Development and Fiscal Grant Management.
  • Board Member, Utah Head Injury Foundation. Taught “Living with the Head-injured Child.”
  • Founder, Parent-Child Education Peer Exchange, National Migrant and Indian Head Start Conference


  • National Association of Social Workers, Healing through Imagery/Energy.
  • Graduate School of Social Work, Univ. of Utah, Adjunct Professor, Psycho-neuro Immunology.
  • 25th Annual Association for Women in Psychology Conference, “Use of Bioenergetic and Field Transactions and Application to Clinical Practice”
  • San Jose Division of Mental Health, “Grief as a Transformational Experience.”
  • Beyond the Dura Conference, “Unique Clinical Cases Panel: Restoration/Regeneration of the Pituitary Gland” also, “Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Remission.”
  • University of Utah, Graduate School of Social Work Conference, “Sierra EarthWorks: An Eco-psychological Approach to Wellness.”
  • 11th Annual Conference for Social Workers in Healthcare, “Complementary Medicine: An integrated Approach.”
  • University of Utah College of Medicine, “The Use of Cranio-Sacral Therapy as a Complementary Therapeutic Practice.”
  • Public Seminar, San Francisco, Sedona, Salt Lake City, “The Therapeutic Use of Drumming: Indigenous Healing Practices.”
  • Magellan Behavioral Health, San Francisco, “Executive Support Program: Utilizing Cranial Sacral for Stress Management.”
  • Medical Chair, Sheldon Berrol, M.D. 12th Annual National Brain Injury Symposium. “Medical/Legal Conference on Catastrophic Injury.”
  • After the Trauma Head Injury Symposium, “Community Resources for Pediatric Trauma.”
  • National Drug Abuse Center, course developer in “Cross-Cultural Adaptation for Native Populations.”
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