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Sierra Earthworks Foundation

About Us

Vision & Mission

Our Vision – We humans share the same sky with the four-legged ones, the winged ones, and the countless beings who inhabit the sea and earth. When we forget this, we lose our way and suffer greatly.

Our Mission – Sierra EarthWorks affirms that people can remember their interconnectedness with all life and be healed by that recognition. We create transformational experiences for people to explore and connect with each other, with animals, and with Mother Earth. As we humans awaken to our interbeing with all life, we become more loving, resilient, and wise.

Who We Are

Sierra EarthWorks Foundation is a 501 c 3 public charity, founded by Ramona Sierra several years ago and based in Salt Lake City Utah. We rely on volunteers, friends and colleagues for all our activities. These include daily horse mucking and care, designing new curriculum and program offerings, assisting in the delivery of programs in the States and internationally.

What We Do

“A healing space is created whenever all beings connect through breath, touch and intention. When this unity is created, it provides the foundation for one to explore further the depth of one’s own relationship with self and others.”

To foster this unity –

  1. We promote healing among individuals, families and groups by developing deep relationships with animals and nature that integrate both clinical and native knowledge.
  2. For fragmented and disempowered populations, we provide resources to build and support community health and healing.
  3. For Native American youth, we develop leadership skills, resiliency and hope.
  4. To alleviate conflict, we create new global community and deep alignment of purpose among diverse peoples.
  5. We provide training and clinics for teachers, healers and facilitators to disseminate EarthWorks philosophy and methods,
  6. We sponsor the Medicine Wheels Project, mobile restorative clinics for humans and animals.
  7. We consult to the movie production, “Sky of Dreams” and other media productions to facilitate interspecies communication. We advise on script, authenticate Native American traditions and practices, and work directly with the animals and actors.
  8. We work with ancient native wisdom to create harmonious and well-balanced physical environments and spaces.
Sierra Earthworks Foundation
501(c)(3) Public Charity
P.O. Box 581244
Salt Lake City, UT 84158